There has been no time that I can remember when I did not love to travel. As an “Army Brat,” I grew up thinking that everyone moved regularly. Although I wasn’t uprooted as frequently as some of my friends, it was often enough for me to think that packing and unpacking were a part of normal life. As an adult, I have continued the tradition, loving every trip and savoring the sights, sounds, people and foods of every place and culture.

Yes, I have my favorites. But, given the opportunity, I would keep a bag packed always and be ready to board the train, gas up the car or get to the airport on short notice. Notably, I lived in Paris as a 10-year-old. Returning at 21 was almost like going home.

Due to an incurable wanderlust, my life has seemed a progression of different homes, new places, interesting journeys, unusual recipes, and many stories to tell.

In later years, my husband and I lived aboard a cruising motoryacht for the better part of two years, two of the best years ever, traveling the Eastern Seaboard from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to Florida and the Gulf Coast, with a side trip to the Bahamas.

Now, back on land, I continue to write about Good Food and Faraway Places, travel the oceans with experienced cruise ship captains, and never pass on the chance to see or taste something new.

Won’t you join me?

6 thoughts on “About

  1. We also love traveling and one of my favorite sayings used to be, “One of us should have joined the military!” Frequent travel keeps our wits sharp, our minds engaged and we’re never at a loss for things to learn or topics to talk about. I can definitely understand why travel appeals to you too! Anita


  2. I have that same voisin menu from christmas 1870. Do you know anything about the age of it, is it actually that old? I have never seen another one like mine until I saw this.


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